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by on December 1, 2013

Apple Refreshes MacBook Pro Laptops with Retina Displays, Lowers Entry Price.
The new Apple MacBook Pro laptops with 13” (2560*1600 resolution) and 15” displays (2880*1800 resolution) now feature dual-core Intel Core i5 “Haswell” and quad-core Intel Core i7 “Haswell” microprocessors, respectively. All the new 13” MBPs with …
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Microsoft Surface 2 vs Surface Pro 2 – Which One is Right for You?
It also has a proper notebook processor – a dual-core 1.6 GHz Intel Haswell Core i5 processor, bringing the latest in Intel's technology. Haswell helps keep the battery life long, although not as long as the Surface 2. You'll also need more system …
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When, where, and how to buy Apple's new Macs
The MacBook Pro with Retina Display received a boost to Intel's new Haswell processor and improved battery life. The 13-inch model is lighter and thinner than its predecessor, and includes a fourth-generation dual-core Intel Core i5 processor clocked …
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